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"Wealth unused might as well not exist."



"When prosperity comes, do not use all of it."




























Your First Appointment

The aim of the first appointment is to discover what kind of help and advice you need and whether or not we have the capacity to satisfy your need. Importantly, it gives you the opportunity to assess our approach and to make sure it suits you and that you are entirely comfortable and confident working with us.

It also gives us the chance to establish some rapport with you so that our communication with you can be open and effective.

The advice you need might range from a full financial planning service to some simple (but necessary) advice on superannuation, investments, insurance, or any other financial issue for which you need solid answers.

The time and expertise required to provide you with a solution varies according to your requirements. So once we have some idea of what’s required, we can tell you what it will cost.


Beyond the First Appointment…

Once you’re confident the benefits will outweigh the costs, we can proceed to the next stage of the financial planning process.

This might be a comprehensive and collaborative effort, involving the development of financial forecasting models covering several financial scenarios tailored specifically to your circumstances. Or it might be a matter of providing information and advice on the appropriateness of a self-managed super fund.

This part of the process might involve several consultations, or a simple half hour. It’s dictated by your needs – not ours.













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