“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

Victor Hugo, (Les Misérables)























With proper advice and tax planning, your financial affairs – investments, insurances, superannuation and more – can be structured to help you achieve your goals effectively. Our comprehensive service includes:

Goal Setting

We help you to analyse what you want, how much it will cost and provide some idea of the time-frame you could expect to realise what you want.

Strategy Development

Using the dollar value of your goals as a starting point, we develop an action plan aimed at achieving your goals by using your current and future resources in the most effective way.

Portfolio Assessment and Research

Your financial 'blueprint' helps us determine which asset classes will be most suitable and in what proportions for achieving your strategy outcome. We research and recommend investments that are deemed most appropriate for that asset class.

Tax Planning

While tax shouldn't be the main driver of a decision to select a particular investment, it is an important strategy consideration. Effective tax planning can substantially increase returns on your assets.


The tax concessions achieved through superannuation can make an important contribution to the success of your strategy. We will help you to determine appropriate superannuation levels and investment vehicles including the appropriateness of a self-managed fund.

Cash Flow Analysis

This is viewed as a key component of your financial plan. Without ensuring adequate cash flow you may be forced to sell assets in an unfavourable market. We provide you with a number of tools which help make cash-flow management and control easier.

Ethical Investments

Our research extends to those investments regarded as 'ethical', as well as those that look to invest in companies that contribute towards a sustainable future.

Risk Management

We examine each aspect of risk as it relates to achievement of your goals. Interest rate risk, market risk, portfolio risk, liquidity risk, personal risk and human nature risk are all examined, and strategies are recommended to either eliminate or reduce them.


We ‘demystify’ insurance and help you explore what is available and at what cost. We are able to examine the insurance offers of a wide range of insurance companies and select the policies and level of cover most appropriate to your needs.

Mortgage Finance

We saw the need to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining mortgage loans, and established Professional Womens Mortgage Service, a sister company, through which you will be able to organise mortgage finance in line with the interest rate strategy we consider most appropriate in meeting your objectives.

Direct Property Feasibility

While we don't advise on specific properties, we may recommend direct property exposure as an asset class appropriate to achievement of your goals. We will explain the processes involved and if necessary have Professional Womens Mortgage Service arrange the loan approval.


We can arrange a workshop to suit you and your colleagues and friends at a time which suits you. Check out the Workshops tab for more details.

Regular Reviews

We use your financial 'blueprint' as a benchmark to examine your progress towards the achievement of your goals. As your circumstances change, it may be necessary to make changes to the blueprint, which also warrants a change to the strategy. These changes are always made with the 'big picture' in mind.

Margin Lending

Where margin lending is appropriate, we are able to recommend a margin lending provider as well as help you determine the level of margin lending that suits you.

Direct Shares

We source equities research from a range of providers and help you to analyse its suitability for your portfolio. Our investment research extends to analysis and, where appropriate, recommendations on direct shares. We’ll even help you set up your own online share trading account.













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